This Is the Real Situation of Life in Winter in Hida Region, Japan

It’s February and Japan is in end of winter nationwide. The spring will come soon but Japan has lots of snow most in February. It snows much in my place, Hida region, which is known as a heavy snow area in Japan. You will get to know how hard it is on this post. Lowest temperature is -12 degrees or less If you live in Southeast Asia or South America, you don’t believe it do you? However, it’s real. Not every day and it depends but I actually checked the thermometer showed “-12℃”. I spent most of my life in Tokyo, so you know it’s hard for me to live […]

10 Best Tourist Spots to Visit and See in Takayama, Hida Region

The northern part of Gifu prefecture is called Hida region composed of Takayama, Shirakawago and Gero Hot Spring. In the idyllic Hida region surrounded by the nature of the Japan’s Northern Alps, you can not only travel around classic sightseeing spots such as Takayama’s old townscape and Shirakawago, but visit the real-life locations of the movie, “Your Name”. I will introduce 10 tourist attractions in Hida region on this post. Old townscape in Takayama (Sanmachi Street) “Sanmachi Street”, which can be said to be the most popular sightseeing spot in Hida Takayama and it is a general term for the townscape in the center of Takayama city. About 12 minutes’ walk […]

6 Unique Experiential Tourist Activities in Sendai, Tohoku Region

I’ll introduce unique tourist activities in Sendai, which is called “Sendai Experience”. Please check out the below post if you’re interested in Sendai and Tohoku. The Controversial Tourism Promotion Film in Sendai, Miyagi The Lowest Asian Repeaters’ Desire Rate in Japan is Tohoku Region Development of experiential tourism by tourist information center Here is the Sendai Tourist Information Desk, which is the center of Sendai’s experience tourism programs. Since opening in December 2016, they have developed a variety of programs from town walking to kimono dressing experience in addition to ordinary guidance work, and users are highly evaluated. In addition, it seems that they tried also to train tour guides […]

4 Things to Enjoy Nightlife in Osaka for Sightseeing

Osaka is one of the biggest cities in Japan like Tokyo. For Japanese, it’s known as the best place to enjoy nightlife. There are a lot of attractive shops and areas in Osaka’s night and I’ll share 4 spots today. CLUB Ammona The first one is a pronoun club for nightlife. You might have a stereotype for clubs like “so crowded”, but here is different! Looking at the picture of the official website … Various events such as fashion shows, bridal, corporate presentation, live etc. are held as there are many dance events as well as rental plans. I was quite surprised… This person seems to have appeared as a […]

The Lowest Asian Repeaters’ Desire Rate in Japan is Tohoku Region

Recently I have been addicted to see the inbound tourism related news and articles. Is it occupational illness? But it is important to gather information. I think that it is quite a good cycle of input and output as summarizing the article by looking at those articles. According to the intention survey of foreign tourists in Tohoku conducted by the Tohoku branch of Nippon Bank for Investment Banking for nations and regions such as Asia, Europe and the United States, people who visited Tohoku from Asia reached only 56.8% , The lowest in the whole country by region. The complaints about traffic access and the use of its own cash […]

For the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, Hospitality of Japan with Multilingual Robots for Foreign Travelers

I found an interesting article related to inbound tourism! Since I had plenty of things to think about, I wrote it. For the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has set up a robot within the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to put in practical experiments to honor foreign tourists, etc., in order to lead to practical application of robots corresponding to tourist information in multiple languages ​​such as English and Chinese. While developing technologies for robots to support foreign languages ​​tourists visiting Japan in multiple languages, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will conduct demonstration experiments to install multiple robots in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in order to […]

5 Reasons Why Kinosaki Onsen Succeeds in Promotion for Foreign Travelers in Japan

Do you know Kinosaki Onsen?Kinosaki Onsen is a famous hot spring resort located in the mountains of Kinki district Hyogo prefecture. It is the place I want to visit, as it is enough to put it in the list of 100 things I want to do until 30 years old. Well I wonder if it is going to be the Tokyo Olympic Games in recent years, anyway, foreign visitors to Japan are increasing. The word inbound tourism is becoming familiar to Japanese people as well. It is this Kinosaki Onsen that is currently most popular with foreign tourists as a hot spring resort in inbound tourism! It seems that it […]

Tragedy of Foreign Travelers with Tattoo in Hot Spring and Public Bath in Japan

The number of foreign tourists continues to increase year by year and the inbound tourism market is  expanding accordingly. We’re so glad that a lot of foreigners are interested in something about Japan and visit here. However, the market still has many points to be improved. In this article, we will think about bathing restrictions on hot spring facilities of foreigners who have tattoos in one of them. Let’s see in detail whether there is a need to regulate legally, and there are measures available on the spa facility side. Hot spring is so attractive for foreigners According to JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) data, it seems that about 30% […]

Great Vacation Rental for Foreigners in Takayama

I had a hard insect bite on the top of foot and it was terrible. Maze is cooler than Tokyo a little so I don’t feel like actual summer: August. 『IORI SHIROYAMA』 8 minutes’ walk from the center of Takayama This July, I stayed at a vacation rental lodge in Takayama, which is an old folk house. As you may know about Takayama, it’s now famous even for foreigners. After 8 minutes’ walk from the main street, you can find a Japanese old house like below. The name is 『IORI SHIROYAMA』and it’s located on the top of hill. It used to be a vacation home of private company and now […]

Why Don’t You Taste Ayu (Sweetfish)? – The Most Precious & Unique Fish in The World

Have you ever seen the fish in below pictures? This is Ayu in Japanese and Sweetfish in English. It is one of the most popular freshwater fish in Japan but foreign people don’t know about it so much. Then, I’d like to tell you how special it is since my current place Maze is the best place to fish and eat it. Long history of Ayu in Japan as word origin says I like investigating any history like origin of a word. Ayu actually has a log history with Japanese people. Why is it called “Sweetfish” Before telling you about the word history of Ayu, I’d like to talk about […]