6 Unique Experiential Tourist Activities in Sendai, Tohoku Region

I’ll introduce unique tourist activities in Sendai, which is called “Sendai Experience”. Please check out the below post if you’re interested in Sendai and Tohoku. The Controversial Tourism Promotion Film in Sendai, Miyagi The Lowest Asian Repeaters’ Desire Rate in Japan is Tohoku Region Development of experiential tourism by tourist information center Here is the Sendai Tourist Information Desk, which is the center of Sendai’s experience tourism programs. Since opening in December 2016, they have developed a variety of programs from town walking to kimono dressing experience in addition to ordinary guidance work, and users are highly evaluated. In addition, it seems that they tried also to train tour guides […]

The Lowest Asian Repeaters’ Desire Rate in Japan is Tohoku Region

Recently I have been addicted to see the inbound tourism related news and articles. Is it occupational illness? But it is important to gather information. I think that it is quite a good cycle of input and output as summarizing the article by looking at those articles. According to the intention survey of foreign tourists in Tohoku conducted by the Tohoku branch of Nippon Bank for Investment Banking for nations and regions such as Asia, Europe and the United States, people who visited Tohoku from Asia reached only 56.8% , The lowest in the whole country by region. The complaints about traffic access and the use of its own cash […]