We have been awarded in the Travel & Tourism Awards 2024

Happy to tell you that we have won the Travel & Tourism Awards 2024 by LUXlife Magazine based in UK. We have been chosen as “Most Unique Cultural Tours 2024- Takayama”. We are really proud of our products and thanks for anyone who support us. LUXlife Magazine Announces The Winners Of The 2024 Travel & Tourism Awards Winner page of UMESEKO TOUR Winners List

Our bike tour was introduced on the『BIZ STREAM』, NHK WORLD

Our full day e-bike tour was introduced on the『BIZ STREAM』, NHK WORLD on 8th April, 2023. This program usually has 2 parts. 1st half is the latest topic around the world or in Japan, and 2nd half is introduction of 2 organisations specializing in some industry or product, depending on each broadcast. This time, the theme was “Choosing Paths Less Traveled” and they picked us since we have been dedicating to creation of unique tours in the Maze Village, which has only 1,000 people and surrounded by plenty of unspoiled nature, also completely different from any major tourist spot. We are really honored to be chosen as a special organisation […]

We have been awarded in the Travel & Hospitality Awards for 2022

Happy to tell you that we have won the Travel & Hospitality Awards 2022. We were awarded this for the second year in a row. This year, 21 tour companies in Japan and only 2 companies (including us) in Chubu won the award. Asia 2022 – Travel & Hospitality Awards

We still keep doing tours in 2022

Hello travelers! Thanks for choosing Japan as a destination for your vacation trip. We would like you to know we still keep doing our highly-rated tours against this pandemic period (the posted photo was just taken in early November 2022). Please do not hesitate to contact us to book a tour or ask any question. Door is always open and we will gladly welcome your visit!

We have been awarded in the Travel & Hospitality Awards for 2021

Happy news! So glad to tell you that we have just won the Travel & Hospitality Awards 2021. This award is a global recognition programme for the travel industry recognising the very best hotels, tour operators, experience providers, spa & wellness facilities, restaurants, and technology and innovation companies. Recipients of Travel & Hospitality awards in 2021 were scrupulously selected based on the aggregation of reviews from multiple third-party sources. Selected by a panel of experts who analyse submission material, review customer feedback and compare the facilities of each entrant. The winner those who can demonstrate their uniqueness, quality of services and facilities and exceptional levels of customer care across a […]

Our E-Bike Tour Wins Top 10 Experiences in Japan of Tripadvisor 2019 Travelers’ Choice Awards

We are happy to share this big news! Just a couple days ago, one of our tours named “1-Day Rural E-Bike Tour in Hida” was certified as one of top 10 experiences in Japan of Tripadvisor 2019 Travelers’ Choice Award. The award winners are selected based on millions of reviews and opinions collected for a year on Tripadvisor. There are various categories such as hotel, beach and experience. We wins one of the top 10 experiences in Japan announced last week. Our tour took 8th place of 10. Different from other 9 tours, this bike tour is the only one held in non-touristy part of Japan, which is the Maze […]

Why Don’t You Taste Ayu (Sweetfish)? – The Most Precious & Unique Fish in The World

Have you ever seen the fish in below pictures? This is Ayu in Japanese and Sweetfish in English. It is one of the most popular freshwater fish in Japan but foreign people don’t know about it so much. Then, I’d like to tell you how special it is since my current place Maze is the best place to fish and eat it. Long history of Ayu in Japan as word origin says I like investigating any history like origin of a word. Ayu actually has a log history with Japanese people. Why is it called “Sweetfish” Before telling you about the word history of Ayu, I’d like to talk about […]

Cooking Class for Foreign Tourists in Hida-Furukawa

I’ve joined in a cooking class for foreign tourists in Hida-Furukawa on this weekend. I’ll share the experience with you. Hida city is one of the stage of 『Your Name』 Hida-Furukawa is well known for where 『Your Name』 took place, which was a big hit in Japan. This is the first visit for me. It took about 90 minutes from Maze (15 minutes from Takayama by train). I really enjoyed the drive to Hida-Furukawa since it was far from traffic jam. It seems so retro-inspired and there is the city office nearby the station. Hida city is as large as Gero city (my current place) but the population is 24,000, […]

Ghibli Park Will Be Open in 2020s in Japan Starting by Totoro

I’ve never heard thunder as sharp and loud as last night in rural Japan before. That was much better than in Tokyo. Ghibli Park scheduled to open in Aichi expo site!! It was bad thunderstorm here on July 1st and the governor of Aichi prefecture announced they would establish Ghibli Park. This news speraded out overseas and now people are really excited about it. What is Ghibli Park? First of all, what is it? It’s gonna be a theme park based on Studio Ghibli. That means we can enjoy the world of Ghibli anime like Disney Land. All fans of Ghibli will be crazy about this, including me also. Though, […]

E-Bike Tour with Super Friendly UK Guests and Happy Coincidence!

This time, E-bike tour with UK guests. I would like to share not only the tour but the amazing coincidence happening afterwards. They are from Southampton but the big sister living in Japan as a TV caster booked our bike tour since her brother wants to see more rural area with his girlfriend. They stayed at Takayama and took train for 40 minutes to join in the tour fortunately. From the first sight at the station, I guessed they would be so friendly and humorous guys. Actually, that was true!  See it? As if they are not from UK! Maybe from US? haha. After some instructions, we started the tour as […]