Our full day e-bike tour was introduced on the『BIZ STREAM』, NHK WORLD on 8th April, 2023.

This program usually has 2 parts. 1st half is the latest topic around the world or in Japan, and 2nd half is introduction of 2 organisations specializing in some industry or product, depending on each broadcast.

This time, the theme was “Choosing Paths Less Traveled” and they picked us since we have been dedicating to creation of unique tours in the Maze Village, which has only 1,000 people and surrounded by plenty of unspoiled nature, also completely different from any major tourist spot.

Choosing Paths Less Traveled – BIZ STREAM | NHK WORLD

We are really honored to be chosen as a special organisation that providing unique contents in the non-touristy part of Japan.

Thanks to all cooperators around the village and TV staffs who did a great job to make this short video showing the background and highlights of tour.

Please refer to the broadcasting schedule and the on-demand like below.

*Live streaming on “Watch Live”

  • 8th April, 2023 (Sat) 11:10pm-11:40pm
  • 9th (Sun) 6:10am-6:40am / 11:10am-11:40am / 5:10pm-5:40pm
  • 12th (Wed) 4:00am-4:30am

*On-demand on the website of BIZ STREAM (4/12 or later)

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