Great Vacation Rental for Foreigners in Takayama

I had a hard insect bite on the top of foot and it was terrible. Maze is cooler than Tokyo a little so I don’t feel like actual summer: August. 『IORI SHIROYAMA』 8 minutes’ walk from the center of Takayama This July, I stayed at a vacation rental lodge in Takayama, which is an old folk house. As you may know about Takayama, it’s now famous even for foreigners. After 8 minutes’ walk from the main street, you can find a Japanese old house like below. The name is 『IORI SHIROYAMA』and it’s located on the top of hill. It used to be a vacation home of private company and now […]

Super Unique Accommodation in Tokyo Drew on Italian Style

We have a distributed hotel in Japan. To my suprise, it’s located in the metropolitan city; Tokyo. I talked about Albergo Diffuso one day and I’ll share the Japanese one today. Albergo Diffuso: New Accommodation Style in Italy What’s hanare? It’s a regional integrated hotel at Yanaka, Taito in Tokyo. The concept is like below. HAGISO showed in the center of circle is the reception and the receptionist introduces the town including the information of restaurant and shop. It’s just same as Albergo Diffuso in terms of scattering outside after check-in!! Every place such as shop, cafe and public bath is a part of hotel so we can enjoy everything with […]

Albergo Diffuso: New Accommodation Style in Italy

What do you imagine when you hear accommodation? You might think of ryokan, hotel, tourist home or guest house… There are many accommodation styles today and I’ll show you unique one of them; Albergo Diffuso. (Just to say, ryokan is my favorite one.) What’s Albergo Diffuso? Albergo Diffuso was born in Italy, which is a new type of lodging. Each of word means like below. Therefore, it’s translated like scattered hotel. Generally, hotel is a building that provide some service but we use some buildings in Albergo Diffuso. We place the front at the center of village and utilize empty houses and rooms around there for accommodation. Then, tourists can […]

Load to Opening Farmers Lodging in Japan

Lodging service at private home is now controversial in not only the diet but nationwide. I’ll talk about Farmers Lodging similar to the lodging service. Have you ever heard farmers lodging? This topic is what I have been concerned about. Literally, it is “staying at farmer house”. Specifically, it means a tourism in rural areas. We can stay at farm or old folk house and enjoy life experience and interaction with local people in each place. It’s called as Green Tourism sometimes. Please refer to the below for your information. Vacation Rental Lists of Agriculture|STAY JAPAN Type of farmers lodging There are majorly 2 farmers lodging types for the host. […]