Why Don’t You Taste Ayu (Sweetfish)? – The Most Precious & Unique Fish in The World

Have you ever seen the fish in below pictures? This is Ayu in Japanese and Sweetfish in English. It is one of the most popular freshwater fish in Japan but foreign people don’t know about it so much. Then, I’d like to tell you how special it is since my current place Maze is the best place to fish and eat it. Long history of Ayu in Japan as word origin says I like investigating any history like origin of a word. Ayu actually has a log history with Japanese people. Why is it called “Sweetfish” Before telling you about the word history of Ayu, I’d like to talk about […]

Load to Opening Farmers Lodging in Japan

Lodging service at private home is now controversial in not only the diet but nationwide. I’ll talk about Farmers Lodging similar to the lodging service. Have you ever heard farmers lodging? This topic is what I have been concerned about. Literally, it is “staying at farmer house”. Specifically, it means a tourism in rural areas. We can stay at farm or old folk house and enjoy life experience and interaction with local people in each place. It’s called as Green Tourism sometimes. Please refer to the below for your information. Vacation Rental Lists of Agriculture|STAY JAPAN Type of farmers lodging There are majorly 2 farmers lodging types for the host. […]

Bike around with US Family to See the Life in Rural Japan

Today, I gonna share another memory with you. A customized e-bike tour with US family. They are from San Francisco and it is the first time for sons to come to Japan. That is why dad want them to see various parts of Japan, then picked Maze as the rural part. They stayed at Maruhachi Ryokan for 2 nights and joined in the e-bike tour on the 2nd day. Basically, our e-bike tour starts from the station but this time from the ryokan. It was the first trial tour actually. It took 4.5 hours and what we did is like below. Cycle around the rural village Visit a small shrine […]