Express train of JR Takayama Line

*Almost same information but please refer to the updated post in 2024 as below.

The best train time for our tour on the JR Takayama Line in 2024


This page is almost dedicated for travelers who booked our tour. It makes easier to plan your stay in Takayama and you can enjoy it more efficiently.

Please see the information below to know which train you should take at Takayama for each starting time of tour. The JR pass is available on the line and you should book a seat in advance if you have time in Takayama. If you drive or come from other location, please do not hesitate to ask us.

  • 9:00AM tour
    8:00AM train at Takayama takes you to Hida-Hagiwara at 8:37AM.
  • 11:30AM tour
    10:24AM train at Takayama takes you to Hida-Hagiwara at 11:18AM.
  • 1:30PM tour
    12:35PM train at Takayama takes you to Hida-Hagiwara at 1:12PM.
  • 2:15PM tour
    1:35PM train at Takayama takes you to Hida-Hagiwara at 2:12PM.
  • 4:00PM tour
    2:53PM train at Takayama takes you to Hida-Hagiwara at 3:44PM.

These information below are for the quickest return train to Takayama for each end time of tour.

  • Ends at 11:00AM
    11:47AM train directly back to Takayama
  • Ends at 12:30PM
    2:12PM train directly back to Takayama (Our guide can tell you some recommendations for lunch.)
    *The quicker way for JR pass users (Non-JR pass user also can take this way but it costs much for 2 express trains.)
    1:12PM Hida-Hagiwara
    Hida No.10 (For Nagoya)
    1:20PM Gero
    ▼ Transfer 1 min Wait 7 min
    1:28PM Gero
    Hida No.9 (For Takayama)
    2:14PM Takayama
  • Ends at 3:00PM & 3:30PM
    3:51PM train directly back to Takayama
  • Ends at 4:30PM & 5:00PM
    5:23PM train directly back to Takayama
  • Ends at 6:00PM
    6:09PM train directly back to Takayama

If you want to know more specifically or other train time, please see the attached picture of timetable below.

Train timetable of Takayama Station bound for Nagoya in 2023

The picture below is the train timetable of Hida-Hagiwara Station. You can also find a train time here to come back to Takayama.

Train timetable of Hida-Hagiwara Station in 2023

Another one below is for Gero Station. It might help you when you want to head to Nagoya, Kyoto or Tokyo after the tour.

Train timetable of Gero Station in 2023

Please note that the train timetable is subject to change for some reason. We recommend you double-check it by the time you leave your accommodation.

If you do not show up due to missing a train or any other personal reason, please understand that we regard it as cancellation on the tour date, and we do not offer any alternative date or time. You need to re-book your seats on another time slot if you still want to join the tour.

It is also applied when you still have other transportations such as bus or taxi even if a train you are supposed to take is suspended or delayed for some reason like natural disaster. We strongly recommend you make a flexible plan and look up some alternative ways or transportations in advance.

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