Cooking Class for Foreign Tourists in Hida-Furukawa

I’ve joined in a cooking class for foreign tourists in Hida-Furukawa on this weekend. I’ll share the experience with you. Hida city is one of the stage of 『Your Name』 Hida-Furukawa is well known for where 『Your Name』 took place, which was a big hit in Japan. This is the first visit for me. It took about 90 minutes from Maze (15 minutes from Takayama by train). I really enjoyed the drive to Hida-Furukawa since it was far from traffic jam. It seems so retro-inspired and there is the city office nearby the station. Hida city is as large as Gero city (my current place) but the population is 24,000, […]

Ghibli Park Will Be Open in 2020s in Japan Starting by Totoro

I’ve never heard thunder as sharp and loud as last night in rural Japan before. That was much better than in Tokyo. Ghibli Park scheduled to open in Aichi expo site!! It was bad thunderstorm here on July 1st and the governor of Aichi prefecture announced they would establish Ghibli Park. This news speraded out overseas and now people are really excited about it. What is Ghibli Park? First of all, what is it? It’s gonna be a theme park based on Studio Ghibli. That means we can enjoy the world of Ghibli anime like Disney Land. All fans of Ghibli will be crazy about this, including me also. Though, […]