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Maze E-Bike Tour

Maze E-Bike Tour Book This Tour 25,000 JPY~/person Book Tour Hida-Hagiwara station 6 Hours 2-6 People Best way to explore the rural Japan This is a guided rural e-bike tour with lunch at the Maze Village and the Hagiwara Town in the Hida region. Just a short hop from Takayama or Gero Hot Spring but you will see no tourist around there, which gives you a great opportunity to see and understand the real life in the countryside of Japan, also being free from tourist crowds or hustle-bustle cities. On the way to the village, we have a long uphill but our e-bike helps you a lot so that you […]

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Maze E-Bike Tour – Half

Maze E-Bike Tour – Half Book This Tour 15,000 JPY~/person Book Tour Hida-Hagiwara station 3.5 Hours 2-6 People Easy & quick trip to see the Japan’s countryside This is the half day trip of Maze E-Bike Tour. Starting at the Hida-Hagiwara station, we will directly head for the scenic valley village: Maze, which is certified as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan but absolutely no tourist here. Yes, the village is a hidden place. Same as the full day tour, we need to go up the mountain road but please do not worry. We use Panasonic’s cool electric bikes. If you are capable of a normal bike, it […]

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Maze E-Bike Tour – Premium

Maze E-Bike Tour – Premium Book This Tour 39,000 JPY ~/person Book Tour Hida-Hagiwara station 7.5 Hours 2-6 People Private rural experience with the luxurious lunch This is the premium version of Maze E-Bike Tour. Same as the regular one, the tour concept is exploring the hidden part of Takayama area by cool electric bikes to see and understand the authentic rural Japan. There are 2 key differences from the standard tour. First, it is one group only for a day. Second, lunch is Kaiseki (traditional multi-course Japanese meal) and farm experience included. You pick some fruit or vegetable with people living in the village, and the local ryokan or […]

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Hagiwara Rural Walking Tour

Hagiwara Rural Walking Tour Book This Tour 14,000 JPY~/person Book Tour Hida-Hagiwara station 2 Hours 2-10 People Relaxed walk to feel the local culture of rural Japan This is a leisurely walking tour in the country town named Hagiwara, which is close from Takayama. The first thing you should know is that the town is just a rural town in the Hida region. Not published on any travel guide so you will fully enjoy touching the actual local culture of Japan’s countryside. Secondly, we would like to offer more personal experience so the tour is held only for one group on each time slot. This tour is just made for […]